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Scarlet Macaw convene at our Costa Rica Vacation Beach Houses.  Photo by guest Russell Burns.


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We have been lucky enough to have GREAT guests stay at Casa Bambu. Here are just a few samples of the feedback we have received over the years. It includes input from honeymooners, families and singles, ecotourists, beach lovers, bird watchers, fishermen and naturalists. They express what it's like better than we ever could.

I have to write to tell you THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to truly experience the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica. My husband, a typical reserved New Englander, not prone to superlatives, has repeatedly described our trip as “the best vacation I have ever had.” Now that is raving!!!! He was even lamenting last night that when he tried to describe it to co-workers and friends “they just weren’t getting it” which led us to the realization that words, pictures, brochures will never do this magical place justice. You truly have to experience it. The smells, the sounds, the sights, the way that time truly seems to slow down. The first couple of days we would all look at each other and say “It’s only 10:30 am? We feel like it should be late afternoon.” We came to realize that this is because your senses are so filled by the wonder around you, that your brain is tricked into thinking “I must have lived a whole day because I have never had this much “living” in just a few hours!!” I think it is also because the rhythm of the jungle forces our hurried minds to slow down and take it all in, something we just are not used to doing. WE LOVED IT! WHAT A GIFT! The other aspect of this trip we talked about was the gift that you provide in creating an environment and experience that is very different from the normal “packaged tour.” We likened it to how a parent guides their toddler through the experiences of life, letting her experience things for the first time on her own, but within the safe harbor of the parent’s guidance. You provided us with a structure and the resources we needed, but left us with the wonderful job of “figuring it out” for ourselves so that it could truly be our experience. That was exactly what we needed and wanted. Thanks so much for the guidance and for your generosity in sharing this piece of paradise. We have almost been driven to tell others of this beautiful place, as it is impossible to not share one’s life-changing experiences. We really do hope to return very soon, so hope we will be in touch. Until then, thank you for all of this.
Alexa and family - Baltimore, MD

It sucks to be We had the greatest time!!!! We have told everyone that it was the best vacation we have ever had. While hiking with William, many people who had stayed in your houses before stopped him to say hello. All said the same thing, that they were sorry they were not in one of your houses again, and that your property is the best in the area. Also that William was without a doubt the best guide.
We of course agree, but I thought you would like to know. Also any locals that asked where we were staying had nice things to say about Kirk and the house. As the surfers all said, "Kirk has that place dialed in." We assumed that was good..... I know we will be back. I really wanted to see the wildlife and was not disappointed. So thank you for your hospitality, and we will be in touch. I think our next trip will be a summer adventure to see a different season there. Thanks for everything. I really can't express what an incredible time we had, in an amazing place with a perfect state of mind. The sloths were cool too.
See you again!
Pura Vida
Dana – Edgemont, PA

I had only one complaint about Casa Bambu and that was that the website didn't do it justice. I was totally unprepared for how truly wonderful it was. Hopefully, we'll be back soon and I'll get to bring my 4 year old daughter with me! William was terrific and language was no problem.
Thank you!
Regina – Shreveport, LA

I stayed at Casa Bambu during the first week in March. It will definitely be a vacation that will go down in history. I have previously visited the Quepos and Manual Antonio area and have to say that they were both enjoyable but the Osa was beautiful beyond belief. Let me assure you that if you go to Casa Bambu or any of the other houses from the website, you will have the time of your life. It is rustic living so if you do not like the outdoors this is not your place. However, if you are like me, that is exactly what I wanted to experience. It was the perfect blend of simple modern conveniences with the natural rainforest at your doorstep. There were scarlet macaws in our yard everyday by the dozens. Our alarm was the sound of the howler monkeys every morning. From the bed you could watch as the sun began to rise turning the skies pink, orange, purple and blue. The Spider and Squirrel monkeys visited everyday. I know this seems to good to be true, I would not have believed it myself had I not experienced it. The kitchen was nicely equipped and the bathroom very spacious. One thing I have always struggled with in Costa Rica was finding a comfortable bed. The beds in Casa Bambu were wonderful. Very comfortable. We took a morning fishing trip. We were out for just 4 hours and caught yellow fin tuna which we brought home for a couple dinners and a 9' Sailfish! The caretakers were very kind and pleasant and if requested, would help you in any way. Lyn and Kirk (the owners) were very helpful before leaving, sending lots of information to ensure our trip was enjoyable and so there would be no surprises. Upon return they were both very accommodating as well. We will definitely return to Casa Bambu. Thank you Lyn and Kirk for giving me the opportunity to experience Cabo Matapalo. I will definitely be coming back.
Scott - Louisville, KY

Dave and I stayed at Casa Bambu from January 24 to the 29. We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time there. I was a little apprehensive booking over the internet, especially since I was doing all arranging and Dave was along for the ride, wherever I booked. What if the place was terrible, what if he hated it? It was perfect. We both loved it.
I didn't need to worry if Dave would like the place, he settled right in. His favorite place was the rocking chair on the porch looking out to the beach. Liked the chair so much we brought one home with us.
All your recommendations were great. After our time in Matapalo we traveled to La Fortuna by Arenal, Monteverde and finally departed from Liberia. Although it was nice to do the touristy things we are so glad we went to your place and saw a different Costa Rica. We don't feel a great need to do another zip line but we do feel we could spend a lot more time in the Osa.
Every time I think about the trip I remember another incredible thing I got to do there. From my first swim in an ocean to walking thru an endless rainforest to watching blue butterflies, the list goes on and on. We would like to return for another stay and I hope when we do that Casa Bambu will be available. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and all your help.
Lisa and Dave – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say muchas gracias! Our time in Costa Rica and at Casa Bambu (which we renamed Casa Los Monos!) was beyond our wildest dreams. We really cannot thank you, Kirk and William enough for your hospitality. The wildlife in the jungle surrounding the house--los monos, lapas, morphs, toucans, iguanas, hawks, turkeys, a couple coata mundis, a family of three-toed sloths...the list goes on...was beyond words. And there is really no sensation like going to sleep and waking up to the crashing of waves and the roars of king kongs (i.e. howler monkeys) in the jungle. Everything was just perfect and I can assure you that we will be in touch in the coming years to book another trip to paradise!
Jen and Max – Washington, DC

We had an awesome time....far better than our expectations. William was great. He knows the area very well and showed me every animal I wanted to see and more. I have no ideas of what could improve Casa Bambu. You have a small slice of heaven. We looked at some other places around Matapalo and decided we made the best choice and WHEN we return, it will be there. I really wish I could put our first-time experience of Costa Rica and Casa Bambu into words, but can't. Thank you so much for all your help in making this the best vacation we have ever taken. If you have any hesitant travelers, feel free to give them my e-mail address and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns they might have.
Sad to be back in the real world,
Troy and Joy – Wesley Chapel, FL

Have your ears been burning the last few days? I tell everyone about our beautiful vacation at Casa Bambu. We loved the house and it was even more beautiful than the pictures on the website. It was just what was needed for us to relax and bond as a family once more. The next week, we toured quite a bit in the Central Valley and the North. Some of the tours were specifically to see the Costa Rican rain forest wildlife and animals but what we saw at Casa Bambu from the comfort of our front porch & hammock was by far a superior experience. There the red Macaws fed daily in the front yard, the troupe of squirrel monkeys amused us greatly on their daily adventures, and we grew to love the howler monkeys......not to mention the sloths, and Mariposas, etc...It was worth everything it took to get to this remote piece of paradise!
Sylvia – Austin, TX

We just want to say thank you for an amazing stay at Casa Bambu. We truly feel like we've had a trip of a lifetime. We are already talking about when we can go back. We fell in love with the Osa Peninsula; the land, the people, the culture. far as the was everything we hoped it would be and more. William was incredible. We mostly ate and cooked at the house, but there was one day we ate lunch at Lapa Rios. Yes, the view was breath taking, but we couldn't help but feel sorry for the people who stayed there. They missed the very essence of Costa Rica because they chose to stay at the resort. Our favorite thing was waking up to the monkeys (any of the 4 types) in the trees in front of the windows. So again, THANK YOU for a memorable 10th anniversary. WE LOVED CASA BAMBU. We can't wait to go back!
Siumay – Tacoma, WA

I don't think I can adequately express how fabulous the house and the Osa Peninsula was, except that it exceeded our wildest dreams. Our families all agree (including the kids) that this was our best vacation ever! Our only regret was that we didn't spend our whole two weeks there! Our mornings consisted of Howler Monkeys at 5AM, followed by coffee on the beach watching Toucans, Macaws and Iguanas. After breakfast, we'd play in the waves on that gorgeous (almost private) beach, followed by an afternoon hike exploring nearby beaches or the incredible forests. It seemed we had a hard time going very far as the monkeys (we saw all four species), birds, butterflies and sloth kept us occupied right by the house. (our necks ached from gawking in the trees at all the activity!!) Everything was so cool! I can't thank you enough for all your help and time in helping me make the arrangements. Everything went like clockwork. You were absolutely the key. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We think about the Osa everyday. It was truly a paradise. We can't wait to return!
Wendy – Hyde Park, UT

Words cannot describe what a wonderful time we had at your beautiful Casa Bambu. The house is unique, beautiful and comfortable in every way. The wildlife is incredible.
Roger and Diana - Dudley, MA

We really enjoyed Cabo Matapalo and Casa Bambu. I think it is one of the best destinations in all of Costa Rica and we will recommend it to friends.
Susan - Atlanta, GA

We have traveled much and seen much, but Casa Bambu will stand out as our all time favorite!
Victoria - Eugene, OR

This, being our fourth trip to the Osa Peninsula in 18 months, has proven to be the best. On previous visits we stayed at lodges, with all meals and amenities provided, but staying at Casa Bambu has given us the opportunity to stay in a beautiful home, enjoy the splendid vistas, nature, animals, but also gave us a taste of life here on the Osa. Everything was absolutely wonderful during our stay at Casa Bambu. This has been an amazing three weeks. Wish it could have been three months - but I'm sure we'll be back!
Frances - Charleston, SC

We all had a wonderful time and tell others what a fantastic place you have and its super surroundings. My husband, our four boys (ages 3,5,7,9) and I can't say enough about how cool everything was. We love to explore new and undeveloped areas that allow us to experience the culture first hand. We never go back to the same place twice; if there were a place we'd visit again it would definitely be your place on the Osa.
Amy and Tom - Pittsburgh, PA

I have told everyone who asks (and many who haven't!) that we never had a better vacation. I cried on Tuesday when we had to leave. Casa Bambu was a wonderful experience and the Osa is truly a paradise but the thing that struck me the most, and I hope stays with me forever, is the simplicity, the friendliness and the generosity of the people who live there. Your lovely house was everything we expected. The rainforest and the ocean enchanted us. If there is any way we can manage a return trip, you may be sure we'll come back to Casa Bambu.
Katie and Ben - Lebanon, IN

We had one of the most wonderful vacations. It did wonders for us a family with the different rhythms from mainstream USA. None of us wanted to leave at the end and it has been difficult for me to buy into the hectic schedule at home.
Ron and Nancy, Winchester, MA

Sadly Costa Rica is over. Now, I must say that you don't give Casa Bambú the right credit. Yes, everything that you mention in your site and your mails are right, but that's not all. The incredible care for all the details that it has are amazing. Everything was wonderful in our stay there. Be certain that I will recommend the house to everybody and I hope to be back soon.
Tif - Mexico City

We have been back from Costa Rica for a week now. It was an amazing trip, which we will do again, in the near future. Casa Bambu was the best part of the trip for me. At Casa Bambu we had more privacy than the hotels, saw more wildlife that any other place in CR, hiked and swam in waterfalls everyday, went on a great half day hike AND Scott and I got engaged on the beach in front of Casa Bambu. It will be in our memories for the rest of our lives! We loved watching the TiTi monkeys swing from limb to limb while chattering to one another in the front yard, at least twice a day, every day. The Scarlet Macaws would fly over two or three time a day and alarm us with their loud screeching calls. We spotted beautiful Toucans everywhere. Saw three types of monkeys and could hear howlers almost every hour. And a very shy sloth was living in a tree close by the house. It was educational to live without new technology or communication for a short period of time. We woke up with the sun every morning, which allowed us to make the most of each full day. I have told everyone about the adventures at Casa Bambu and they are ready to go. I have a feeling you'll be hearing from some of them soon.
Nicci and Scott

What an absolutely amazing place you have!!! John and I had the most fun we've had on vacation - ever! Words simply can't explain or express the beauty of this place. Every day was a new adventure with something to see every minute. We saw every type of monkey, a poison dart frog, lots of toads, a zillion birds (even a little one in a nest), little baby monkey on his mother's back... I'm speechless! Everything went together with absolutely no problem. I didn't take us long to adjust to "tico time" - we were up everyday between 4:30 - 5:00 a.m. and would walk down to the ocean to watch the sunrise. How unbelievably relaxing. My husband and I spent every day laughing and exploring. Thank you, thank you for sharing your Casa Bambu and for the privilege of staying here! These memories will remain with us forever and will always be very special. Hopefully we'll be able to make it back again. Thank you so much for the chance to share a little piece of paradise - we can't wait to return to Casa Bambu!
Lisa & John - Pittsburgh, PA

The experience was one in a lifetime. Casa Bambu and Costa Rica will always own a piece of my heart and I will be back. I left with a new perspective on life and many memories. Thank you so much for this opportunity to live for a short time in what has been the closest to paradise I've ever been.
Craig and Galen - Souderton, PA

I am golden brown! I've lost about 10 lbs! I wish I were as young as the trip made me feel. A few more weeks there and I would have been. I cannot tell you what a wonderful time we all had. All I'll say for now is thanks! And that life can begin again at 50!
Carey - Huntsville, Alabama

Anyone that likes the outdoors and wildlife would love this place. The casa is exceptionally nice for this country. We saw all the expected monkeys, toucans and lapas - many up very close and many in your own yard! We also saw owls, hawks, a sloth, a pair of tayras, a coati and many birds. So much to see and do - even 8 days was not enough time. Lyn and Kirk, this is exactly as you described it. Thanks for the opportunity to share the experience.
Lillian and David - Charlotte, NC

Casa Bambu: a house at the edge of a rainforest, a beach, the ocean surf; and SO MUCH WILDLIFE! We saw in the immediate vicinity/out our window/over the balcony/the porch: lizards, toucans, pelicans, macaws, shining honeycreepers, wrens, kingbirds, a vulture, 2 hawks, many squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, squirrels, beautiful butterflies (one looked like neon blue - a big piece of magic flitting through the garden) and many more. We got out each day and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Cindy was able to make some really great meals in our kitchen. We loved the fans at the foot of the beds--what a great idea! We went on a walk to Matapalo and a beautiful waterfall, showing us an owl, sloth, macaws and other life along the way. The beach was amazing, the fresh waterfalls and streams onto the beach after the rainfall were refreshing and clean. Temperature stayed in the low to mid 70's almost the whole time due to the rain -- heat was virtually not a problem. Animals galore and even more when the sun came out! Too much to do and see for one trip. As a birder, this is paradise! Muchimas gracias y hasta la vista. We'll be back to Casa Bambu!
Glenn & Cindy - Philadelphia, Pa

Casa Bambu was a beautiful destination for what has turned out to be the perfect honeymoon. The tranquility of our surroundings provided us with an experience we will cherish throughout our marriage. We were pleased to find all of the excitement and beauty of the rainforest and the ocean in our immediate surroundings. Some treasures from our stay include seeing all four types of monkey, various parrots including the beautiful macaws, brilliant blue morpho butterflies, a curious snout-nosed four-legged creature, two spectacular iguanas (along with several other friendly lizards), numerous toucans, woodpeckers and songbirds and a rather entertaining three-toed sloth, ALL WITHIN YOUR FRONT YARD!!! In fact, every afternoon, we were visited by either capuchin or squirrel monkeys (sometimes both), who foraged and frolicked in the trees on the side of the house. They put on quite a show. All the ticos and ticas on the peninsula made us feel welcome and relaxed. Really, thanks a lot for a wonderful week.
Tom and Carrie - Chicago, IL

Yes! We had a wonderful honeymoon! It was very relaxing. The beach, the rain forest and the ocean were all really fun. We saw all kinds of wildlife. I caught a sailfish our last day, and we also caught a bunch of yellow fin tuna! Of course we ate that immediately! Mike was very helpful and gave us lots of good information. All in all we had a really wonderful time!! I would definitely like to experience the place again. We would also recommend it to our friends. Once again we had a blast!!
Andy and Mary - Memphis, TN

WOW! what an amazing experience. it was like being on the Discovery Channel. mike and Katie are two of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. Isabel went totally out of her way for us. what else can I say... oh yeah, caught a 30 - 35 dorado while a thunderhead off to the south was spinning to incredible waterspouts. can you say 'nature on high speed'? thanks again, we'll be back!
Scott - San Francisco, CA

We really enjoyed your place and all had a great time in the midst of the jungle. We all admired the construction of the house. I loved hearing the waves crash on the beach at night. I caught a 26-lb roosterfish and two good-sized mackerels. John caught a smaller rooster.... The water was so clear that they weren't biting. At one point we had 4 on, but mine was the only one that didn't get away! I couldn't get over the miles and miles of beach with no people.
John and Linda - Evergreen, CO

Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time during our stay at Casa Bambu. I took a surfing lesson from Mike and we went deep-sea fishing and caught a 113lb sailfish, 15 tuna and 2 Dorado. We both spent many hours on the deck reading and napping. We of course saw all four types of monkeys, numerous macaws, a sloth and many other birds. Thanks for sharing your wonderful haven.
Natalie and Scott - Irvine, CA

Steve and I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful end to our Cost Rican adventure. Casa Bambu was just the right mix of tranquility and adventure. We loved your casita and are looking forward to coming back again. It was an experience we will not soon forget.
Steve and Mayda - Dallas, Texas

You've given us a vacation beyond our wildest dreams. Our first, but not last, visit to Costa Rica - it's been a thrill and delight to encounter all the wildlife and gigantic vegetation up close. Not to mention the lovely and interesting people we've met. Thank you for letting us share this amazing, wonderful home.
Janet and Neal - New York, NY

Next to "jungle paradise" in the Oxford dictionary is a picture of Casa Bambu. Waking up to monkeys at sunrise will make even the latest sleepers into morning people. A walk down to Backwash Bay is essential. You will get to check out the local surf scene - and the sand beach drops off more quickly for great swimming. A Corcovado excursion is a must for those who want the experience of seeing the most beautiful birds and tracking animals in the wild. For anyone with a remote interest in fishing this trip will introduce you to the excitement of catching tuna, sailfish and marlin. (We recommend a full day trip so you have the opportunity to go farther off shore). Muchas Gracias, Lyn & Kirk
Sydney and Andrew - New York City, NY

Such a wonderful place. The beach and the jungle both have so much to offer. Spend as much time as possible in the jungle, you will be rewarded with new animals every day. We saw: monkeys, 100's! (all 4 types); frogs, 4; lizards, 100's; hawks, 15; snakes, 0 (zero!!); squirrels, 3; people, few; toucans, 100's; macaws, dozens; mud, lots; rain, some; beauty, infinity.
Matt and Marielle - Portland, OR

Casa Bambu renews the soul as you adjust to the rhythm of tropical life. Bring your favorite books. Sit on the porch, or better, on the beach after noon and enjoy the breeze and ocean. Take morning walks down to Playa Matapalo (early) to see birds and monkeys. Come back on the beach. The hikes are excellent. Thanks for a wonderful three days.
Neil and Uve - St. Paul, MN

Staying at Casa Bambu is a vacation in paradise. It is the perfect combination of nature and beach life. We were amazed at how quickly we adjusted to the local schedule of going to bed soon after it gets dark and rising with the sun. Not a day passed that we didn't see some new type of wildlife, including hundreds of monkeys, numerous macaws, a very loud sloth and poison dart toad, many morpho butterflies and too many birds to count! Don't miss hiking, deep-sea fishing (we caught a 113 pound sailfish). We recommend keeping a journal while staying here. Ours is filled with amazing memories.
Natalie and Scott - Dallas, TX

We had a fantastic honeymoon. I don't think we could have found a more beautiful and exciting place. The wildlife is incredible. Thank you for letting us use your house.
Chris and Rosalina -Cleveland, OH

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