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Scarlet Macaw convene at our Costa Rica Vacation Beach Houses.  Photo by guest Russell Burns.


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"The Osa Peninsula contains a nearly intact fauna, including jaguars, tapirs, white-lipped peccaries, curassows, macaws, and other sensitive species. The diversity of wildlife is astonishing."
Professor David Wilcove
Princeton University

The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica's "little Amazon" and Matapalo, its costal edge where our houses are located, are some of the last, unspoiled regions in Costa Rica, if not the planet. The Osa harbors a diversity of habitats and species unheard of elsewhere for an area of its size (less than half of Rhode Island). Between two to three percent of the flora of the Osa exists nowhere else on earth. It contains 13 major ecosystems, including rainforests, lowland forests, cloud forests, mangrove and freshwater swamps, lagoons, beaches, and coral reefs. Jacques Cousteau called its magnificent Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf) the most pristine of the world's four tropical fjords. Home to vast Corcovado National Park, known as the "crown jewel" of Costa Rica, the area (including our neighborhood) is teeming with life.

Corcovado alone contains:

  • More than 375 species of birds
  • 850 species of trees
  • 125 species of mammal
  • Costa Rica’s largest population of the endangered scarlet macaw and Central America’s largest population of squirrel monkeys
  • 40 species of freshwater fish
  • 4,000 to 5,000 species of vascular plants
  • 50 bat species
  • 1,500 plant and fern species
  • More than 6,000 species of insects
  • 117 species of reptiles and amphibians

Until recently the Osa was practically inaccessible because of poor or nonexistent roads and dense, virgin forests. After a lumber company moved in, scientists lobbied for the creation of a national park to protect the area's flora and fauna. In 1975 108,022 acres (one-third the land mass of the Osa) were declared protected and Corcovado, one of the most significant natural preserves in this hemisphere, was created. Now 75% of the Osa is either national park or forest preserve, making it the most unspoiled area of Costa Rica.

Corcovado National Park is about an hour's drive from our property. Since there are no roads through this vast park, you must enter it either on foot, hiking to the trailhead along its uninhabited beach; or by plane. Once inside you can explore Corcovado’s many hiking trails through primary rainforest. This amazing park is a unique ecosystem, with virgin forests, mangroves, marshes, palm swamps and other habitats that make it a nature lover's dream. The lagoon at Corcovado’s center is home to jaguars and other cats, giant anteaters, white-lipped peccaries, tapirs, and a host of other rare animals.

An enormous and glorious part of this magical place is the Golfo Dulce. Proximity to one of the world’s greatest natural fisheries and some of the most bio-diverse national parks in the world, make this body of water unique. Only by water can you visit much of the Golfo Dulce’s jungle shoreline, rivers, tropical beaches and mangrove estuaries that serve up a tremendous variety of life. And simply being on this fabulous body of water is a rejuvenating, inspiring experience.

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