Monkeys galore at our Costa Rica Beach Rentals

Casa Bambu ~ Costa Rica Beach House Rental

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Scarlet Macaw convene at our Costa Rica Vacation Beach Houses.  Photo by guest Russell Burns.


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It really was a great place! It was so relaxing. On the last day, the capuchins stopped by for about an hour. You're right about La Pina being the "monkey house." The ocean was beautiful too. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation. This trip was just what we needed. We had a wonderful time. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.
Kristin & Kelly – Highlands Ranch, CO

Our vacation was "over the top". Wow! My favorite part was the beautiful home we rented from you. It truly exceeded our expectations. It was a fantastic trip! I hope to be back soon.
Thank you Lyn for assisting with all our travel needs, answering questions, and easing our minds about the bugs, snakes and frogs. You are a pleasure to work with. If you need more quotes for your fantastic web site, please feel free to use anything I've written here.
Tracy and Lisa – Clifton Park, NY

We had a wonderful time. The Osa and Casa Pina were definitely the most memorable part of our trip. We will recommend your casas to anyone we know who appreciates really getting away from it all yet staying in comfort. It was ideal for our family and William was very accommodating. Hasta la Proxima.
Colleen, Brad & family – Kelowna BC, Canada

I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to La Pina! William was wonderful and the house was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed every minute of our vacation and hope to get down there again next year. It was a perfect vacation and it was a bit of a culture shock to be home again. Thank you so much again!
Craig and Lucy / Richmond, VA

The house is great! We loved it. We saw more wildlife than the last trip here. A little Pizote scours the yard daily, and some other animal I have no idea the name of. Whales were jumping out at dusk and a turtle came for a visit while I was out surfing.
I have friends that are interested in coming to Costa this summer, and I will definitely recommend your property to them.

What a great house, what a wonderful place, what a total change from our ordinary, Chicago, still-snowing-when-we-left environment. William’s walks and bananas and flowers have been fabulous. The monkeys are phenomenal! Above all, the chance to be in this fabulous and fabulously different place was such a blessing. We from other places are very, very lucky to come. May it be here forever.
Bob, Ben, Katie, Barbara, Emily – Chicago, IL

What a great place! Much, much fun. We saw the monkeys, the butterflies, the sloth, the macaws, the pelicans, the “Jesus Christ” lizards, the hawks, the kingfishers, hawks, hummingbirds, poison dart frog, and many more. A great house, perfect for our family. The kids learned how to surf, we rode horses, jumped out of a tree. We celebrated a birthday, we danced in the rain. Fun, fun, fun.
Many thanks,
Lindsay and family

What can I say of our visit to the Osa? There are so many thoughts running through my head to completely and accurately convey the peace and bliss we experienced on our visit. Despite just emerging from the rainy season, the weather was absolutely fantastic, only one or two light showers, always at night. The wildlife is astounding. Everywhere you look things are alive and moving. It’s a real eye opener when you come from a city and either take these things for granted or your senses have become too numb from the “rat race” to appreciate them. We saw three species of monkeys, at first only thanks to the fantastic tour given by the caretaker, William. Later on, however, as we learned to be still and quiet, the more the presence of wildlife became noticeable, even from our porch. One afternoon we were graced with an entire group of spider monkeys who posed for the camera quite a long time, right up in the trees near the house. We were also shocked, surprised and delighted to find gems like Martina’s Buena Esperanza restaurant, tucked into seemingly unlikely spots in the foliage. Another excellent surprise was the amazing view, lunch and Pina Coladas at Lapa Rios.
La Pina is an amazingly cute and comfortable place to stay, the kind of place I one day hope to retire to. In the meantime, it offered us the perfect opportunity to “unplug” from the rat race, work stress, computers, TV, email, faxes, etc. There hasn’t been a day here we haven’t gotten up between 5:30 – 6 and been in bed between 7 – 9.
This was a fantastic experience and one I hope I can repeat in the future.

The house was a real treat for all of us. So clean and well appointed. William made us very welcome, and I even managed to practice a little of my Spanish on him and we communicated a bit. We saw only two bugs while we were there; didn't use our Deet once. My friend and I identified 50 species of birds, which was really fun. The howlers and monkeys, though, were what I loved the most. What a joy to sit on the porch, see the branches start moving as if a strong wind was passing by, only to see a troop of monkeys instead. Saw a sloth down by Roca Dura, but only after the caretaker there pointed it out. They're hard to spot for an untrained eye. Saw a jaguarundi in the yard! Looked like a big black cat. I felt very fortunate to have been sitting on the porch, observing the yard, at that moment. No telling what we missed. Again, it was a treat, a vacation we won't forget, and we're thinking we need to go back again. Thanks for letting others share your nice property.
Joan – Joplin, MO

We had a FANTASTIC time, what a lovely piece of earth you have. We were pleasantly surprised with the house. The pictures don't do it justice. It was fun to open the door and turn the light on to see the bamboo jungle oasis.
We did a lot of lounging around, wildlife watching, laid on the beach, walks with William, some fishing, and lots of good eating. It could not have been more perfect. We all agreed that it was a place that we would certainly be going back too. William was great, we loved him. Martina's was our hang out in the evenings, good food and company. Bugs were not an issue. Everything was great, you guys did a wonderful job of letting us know what to bring and expect.
Thanks for sharing such a special place and I look forward to getting back in touch with you when the time comes to voyage south again.
Janna – Seattle, WA

Words just can't describe what an incredible time Matt and I had at La Pina. What a beautiful house! We loved every moment we had in Costa Rica, the people were so are so lucky to have William & his wife. The beach, the forest, the falls, Martina's, Lapa Rios...we tried them all and loved it!! I even miss the Howler Monkey early morning wake up call...we managed to get it on tape. William was an awesome guide...we saw so many animals...monkeys, toucans, iguanas etc.
Lyn, I can't thank you enough for all the information and help you made everything so much easier. Osa Tropical was wonderful with arranging our drivers. While their English was limited and our Spanish was non-existent we all managed to figure out what we meant.
Matt and I want to get back to La Pina again....I hope to be sitting on the patio, sipping a cocktail, watching the monkeys again soon.
Thanks again for everything.
Cathy – Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to stay in La Pina. This trip proved to be the best ever. Words cannot describe how beautiful, colorful and spectacular Cabo Matapalo turned out to be. We will be missing our monkey friends and 5 am howlers' dramatic call to wake up. It is truly unthinkable for New Yorkers to get up this early in the morning without any word of complaint. In fact, we were up this early every day and never felt tired or in need of an afternoon nap. Corcovado is like a gigantic zoo, full of animals and incredible vegetation. I think there is only one place like this in the world, where one could take a picture of a spider-monkey or white face from about 6 ft. distance, become surrounded by a huge family of coatis, or run into large group of wild pigs. We even saw foot prints of a large cat.
The waters of the Golfo Dulce are not falling behind to what the land has to offer. Our all- day boat trip brought unforgettable memories. It was the first time ever that we have swum amongst a large school of spinners, and nothing in the world can compare to that. My favorite was the waterfall in the midst of Corcovado where we took the most refreshing bath after more than 5 hours hike in the forest. It proved to be the best jacuzzi I have ever experienced in my life. We are definitely coming back, this time we'll be bringing a larger group with us. We will be more than happy to be your reference, if you ever need it. Wishing you and everybody in Matapalo everything best.
Richard, Tricia and Tomas Pelski – Brooklyn, NY

The trip to Costa Rica has been a great wonderful experience at all levels. Your houses are great to live in, and William and his family are beautiful people, always happy to help. Thank you very much for bringing this type of place in a beautiful site like this. All the family will keep this trip in mind for a long time...Thank you for everything, it was great! We will keep in touch for the year to come!
Franck – Madrid, Spain

We did indeed have a great time. what a beautiful house!! our favorite spot of course was the deck…we could see the surf, monkeys, the resident coati, hear the tree frogs at night, and the howlers in the early morning.
William was a wonderful host for us, taking us on great hikes, and checking on us frequently. I used all the Spanish I used to know and my dictionary frequently and we had some great conversations, almost. We made it to Buena Esperanza and met Martina, what a character, ---and to Lapa Rios at sunset/full moon rise,-- and to Corcovado (our best sighting was a boa and we tracked a tapir all day so saw the prints several times).
Dilver helped us find a moving sloth with a baby! Mosquitoes were nil--we saw some swarming at the waterfall but they didn't even bother with us.
We saw dozens of morpho butterflies, hundreds (I think) of scarlet macaws on the beach walk to Corcovado, toucans at Lapa Rios.
We saw the awesome beauty of the waterfalls and the beautiful tree with William. It was worth every minute, every dollar I paid him. If I return I will have him take me again.
thanks for all your help,
I'd love to get my husband down there, maybe next year.

The house is lovely. So many nice touches. We loved the outdoor shower; we ate tons of fresh bananas, which taste so much better than what we find in our grocery store. The wood (tables, chairs, etc) is absolutely fabulous, the house was extremely well equipped, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. William is incredible. We did a couple of hikes with him and saw amazing sights....wildlife, waterfalls, really nice. He really enriched our experience, as did Isabel, who is fantastic. We got into a very nice and relaxed routine, with pre and post lunch naps, a morning and afternoon swim, lots of reading and just plain relaxing. It was like a different world, so restful, lush and rejuvenating. You have quite a treasure there, and we were so delighted to get to experience it. Thanks again for all of your help.
Barbara – Winnetka, IL

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