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Scarlet Macaw convene at our Costa Rica Vacation Beach Houses.  Photo by guest Russell Burns.


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We have been lucky enough to have GREAT guests over the years at Casa Bambu, and now Casa Linda as well…

We're back from our wonderful stay in the Osa. Casa Linda was all you said it would be and more. We have traveled a fair bit as a family, and the general consensus was that this trip to Matapalo was perhaps the all-time best. I wrote a detailed description of our stay in the guest book, but I wanted to let you know that everything was just perfect. I rarely say I want to travel back to somewhere (there are just so many new places in the world to explore!) but this is different. We all really want to go back to Matapalo and share it with my brother and his children
Thanks for everything,
BJ – Atascadero, CA

We would much rather still be there. Our stay at Casa Linda was wonderful. We enjoyed every minute. We have been to Costa Rica 5 times prior, but never saw as many Toucans & Macaws, and a variety of other birds. The 5 nights flew by, we did something adventurous everyday, as well as long strolls on the beach. The walk up to the waterfall with William is a must, glad we did not try to do it alone. He has an unbelievable way of finding sleeping animals in trees, that only our binoculars could bring into view.
Thanks again for all your help with this trip, we would love to visit there again sometime.
Julie – Wauwatosa, WI

All in all, the best trip, and the best place ever. I have some excellent photos of the house and monkeys on the lawn. I actually saw Howlers on the lawn in front of Bambu! I’ve never seen them on the ground before........ We also had a resident Pizote come by every few days.........Macaws........Macaws........Macaws........Always throwing almonds at the house. The kids absolutely had the best time........ the trip will give them something to think about for a long time to come. I think your property is the best place on earth.....Lets keep it that way! We would like to arrange in the future sometime to rent both houses and bring the whole family down.
Forrest – Kelseyville, CA

We had a great time. Your house was wonderful - We loved it. Although we went on walks and hikes daily, we never saw as much wildlife as we did from our own front porch. We even had company one day from a couple staying at Lapa Rios who wandered in when a group of Capuchin monkeys were making their way through. He was hauling around about thirty pounds of camera equipment and loved the fact that he could shoot from our porch. My son saw tons of monkeys and that made him ecstatic.
We didn't need the Deet stuff at all! That was very surprising after all the cautions about the bugs form everyone we knew.
William was super-he took us to the waterfall and we all got in. He also took my friends birding early one morning and they loved it. One of my other favorite parts was waking up at 4 or 5 to the howlers --that was great. Thanks so much for finding such a beautiful place.
Debbie, Ron, & Ronnie – Pittsburgh, PA

We had an absolutely fabulous experience in Costa Rica. I loved Casa Linda; it couldn't have been any more perfect. This was my first time in Costa Rica. It is hard for me to imagine any other area could be as magical and beautiful as the Osa Peninsula.
Each of us had a really, really wonderful week. William was great; we did a couple of hikes with him. I just loved him. He was always helpful if we needed him but never intrusive. The wildlife was fascinating. I never got over the thrill of hearing the howler monkeys or seeing the other monkeys in the trees outside the house. The house itself is beautiful and unique. And I loved the small rivers and streams. It seems like I walked 100 miles when I was there and never got over of being in awe of the trees and plants.
So thank you so very, very much for creating this wonderful vacation paradise and all your help in making the arrangements. I hope to return in the not too distant future.
Dot – Atlanta, GA

It’s hard to put into words just how much I enjoyed Casa Linda. It was muchos, muchos more than I even imagined. I was at home from the moment we arrived and somewhat saddened on the day we left. Everything was simply terrific. …what a fabulous, terrific, awesome, memorable, relaxing, inspiring, and educational vacation!!! I can’t wait to return…maybe 2007 with any luck at all.
Tell your guests to bring more film than they think they need. I ran out and missed many great photo opportunities. Luckily, my memories are forever. I truly will never forget this wondrous week at Casa Linda in Costa Rica. Muchos Gracias to you and Kirk for sharing your paradise with us.
Pam – Dunedin, FL

It was absolutely the ultimate trip for me! The water and jungle and all! I was ecstatic. We've traveled a good deal, but this was the best. Part of the success was your wonderful website, which with great accuracy answered all our questions. But the other part is the wonderful location of Casa Linda. We are nature loving people and this was the ultimate. All of our encounters with the Costa Rican people were so wonderful. The days just slipped away and we were sad to leave. I truly hope to return. Now it's back to reality. That was paradise. Thank you!
Sue – Hermiston, OR

We spent nearly three of the most incredible weeks, of our lives at Casa Linda. The Osa Peninsula was very exotic, beautiful, primitive, natural and amazing beach and rainforest. The house was the best. We were warm and dry and safe, surrounded by bamboo, bamboo, and more bamboo. The local wood made the house and furniture traditional and homey. We enjoyed sunsets and sunrises from the deck every morning and evening. We REALLY enjoyed the local coffee and the Tico style coffee pot, the local veggies and food, the local restaurants, and of course, the luxury of a hot shower. Loved the beach, warm water, all the jungle animals, birds, and flora. We thought Kirk and Lyn really had the whole experience pretty dialed in !!!!!!!!!! Every last detail !!
We hiked to a HUGE waterfall, walked to all the local beaches, swam, kayaked, boogie boarded, and simply relaxed and enjoyed the simplicity of life as a Costa Rican.
Can’t forget to mention your caretakers. They were such a good help and so very kind.
Thanks Kirk and Lyn for a wonderful vacation. We're going to try and get all the family together and rent all the houses, and have a family reunion.
Ken and Sheree - Vacaville, CA

Wow, it was paradise. The beach is right in front of your face and then you go to sleep in the rainforest. Perfect. The monkeys decided to say goodbye on our last day, as we watched them (about ten of them) eat mangos in our tree. Couldn’t ask for more.
Cody, Kim, Mary & Max – Breckenridge, CO

We planned this trip close to a year ago when we found your website by accident. The photos are great, but they could not do it justice. It is ten times better in person. The house, the beach, the jungle hikes: everything was more than we expected. The boys said, “This is the best vacation we ever had!”
Andrew, Linda, Grayson & Bennett – South Pasadena, CA

I cannot even describe to you how I feel about the week we just spent in Casa Linda........ the house is delicious, William is an absolute delight, helpful, charming, fun, a great tour guide. He was wonderful with all my kids (ages 19, 17, 16, 7 and 5). Jorge and I think he is a superb soul. Casa Linda is such a beautiful home. I congratulate you and Kirk on the design and execution. The atmosphere is perfect, the sunrises are................. well, no words to describe. We hiked, we swam, fished, skimboarded............ I don't think there is anything we didn't do! If I didn't already live in Costa Rica, I would be moving here in a blink! We are hoping to return within the next year. Thank you !! Gracias !! WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE !!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy – Liberia, Costa Rica

I am hooked!!!! I am speechless to describe this incredible experience I have had over the past week. Time to connect with self, the animals, the environment and the wonderful culture. This loving home provided an anchor to safely explore - and what an adventure! Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible home and your world - it was definitely one of the highlights in my life. See you next year.
Judy – Elkins, WV

Our stay at Casa Linda was the highlight of our trip -- it was everything you said, and more. All the information you provided us was right on, including the grocery list. Because of all your information, it allowed us to enjoy our four days to the max. Your recommendations for the Buena Vista and Hotel Europa worked out very well. It was unanimously agreed by all seven of us that this was our best vacation to date. Thank you again, Lyn. Your assistance, great information, and your wonderful bamboo house made this a great vacation.
Sheila and Craig – Lafayette, CA

It was the most beautiful place I have ever been. truly mind altering. I can't really put it into words but I want to rent it again and I want a friend of mine and her family to rent casa bamboo at the same time. Truly it was paradise and I fear it won't last forever. We adored William. He could not have been more perfect. We tipped him generously. Best wishes
Dana – Oakland, CA

What a fabulous time we have had here at Casa Linda. This past week here exceeded our expectations. Highlights: early morning kayak trips; dinner 5 out of 7 nights at Martina’s; hiking to the Pacific beach and tidal pools by way of the Golfo Dulce and Pacifica trails; and bobbing in the ocean for hours on end. We are already planning for our return next February! The house is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Hasta luego,
Harry – Wheeling, WV

We had a great time. We have been to Thailand, Hawaii, Belize, Mexico and many other wonderful places, but we thought your spot in the Osa was the most varied and most enjoyable of all our trips. The kids loved the surfing and we all enjoyed the wildlife. It was fun to get a small peek into local lifestyles and see how different they live than do we here in the mountains.
Alan – Steamboat Springs, CO

We had a great time at Matapalo and enjoyed staying at Casa Linda. We were both very impressed with the house and the great location. We were also very happy with the cleanliness and the full supply of utensils etc in the kitchen. We had a great time and could not have been more pleased with the house. We will definitely stay in Casa Linda again in the future when we do get ready to get back to Matapalo. Thanks again for a great place to stay.
John R

Thanks from our whole crew - we had such a wonderful time. None of us have been able to adjust to wearing shoes again, much less being back in so-called civilization (there's a whole different kind of monkeys up here!) You guys did a wonderful job with the houses. We can hardly wait to go back.
Mark – Denver, CO (stayed at Casa Linda AND Casa Bambu)

We had the absolutely most wonderful time in Costa Rica. Matapalo was the most peaceful place. We enjoyed your beautiful house and the nearly secluded beach. It was amazing that the hardest decision we had to make each day was whether to hike or lay on the beach. For people like us who have been working 12 to 15 hour days for the last year and a half, this was truly a blessing. The kids even said it was way better than Disney World. Coming from kids, I think that is saying something. We had little difficulty getting around. William was great fun for us and we are sending him a picture of our house in the mountains with all of the snow. He couldn't imagine why anyone would want to live where it was so cold. We on the other hand all came back with great tans. Again, thanks so much for everything. We would all love to return.
Donna and family – Idaho

We had the best time down was magical. From the Howler Monkeys to the body's internal clock changing to accommodate the rising and setting of the sun, Casa Linda was clearly the place that will hold the most memories for us. We hope to be back soon (9-18 months) and possibly one day to become permanent residents of the Osa. We're taken with the place. Thank you for everything. Your generosity is appreciated.
Mark & Rebecca – Las Vegas, NV

We spent one of our nicest and memorable holidays in Cabo Matapalo. I was very impressed by the quality of craftsmanship of Casa Linda. You can imagine how one can feel when reserving a house for a party of four adults, you feel somewhat nervous of the reception, but about an hour after we arrived, we were asking for an extension of one more night! So I guess there is no need to say that everybody fell in love with the entire setup and I have to say that it feels ten times nicer on site than from the pictures we had seen before arriving. MERVEILLEUX! Cabo Matapalo is a very special area of Costa Rica: the wilderness, the sounds (natural sounds that is!), the smells, everything was enchanting. William and Emilse were the ultimate caretakers, we wanted them back in Montreal with us! They were perfect: there when you needed them, discreet when you felt like resting. William took us one day for a walk to the cascades near the house, and I had a long and very pleasant chat with him. Speaking of ''next time'', we have in mind a casual reunion of friends, maybe next winter, for a two weeks holiday. I guess we still haven’t left the place, in our minds that is....
Amicalement, Alain and friends – Montreal, Canada

We had a wonderful week once again on the Osa – our fourth time back. Casa Linda is just lovely as its name states. The beach and its beauty holds a special place in our hearts. The animals fascinate us. We are drawn to the pristine beauty here. Every year we have the opportunity to renew our friendships with the kind and generous people here. Our visit to Corcovado, kayaking, hiking, swimming and just relaxing was everything we hoped it to be and more. Most importantly, this place and this special time has allowed our family to create and hold onto precious memories of time spent wholly together in a world removed from the hustle and bustle of the other world. We wish future visitors such an experience to remember. Pura vida,
Marcia, Michael & Meghan

Casa Linda is a wonderful house. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay. I have loved living among the banana trees, mango trees, coconut trees, pineapple palms. Around the house is a tropical garden full of edible delights. I saw plenty of monkeys down the path to Cabo Matapalo. That was a very lovely walk. William & Emilse were absolutely kind and wonderful people. William spoke no English, although we had a great time communicating via our Spanish phrase book. He took us on a nice little hike to Matapalo beach. He showed us mucho of the rainforest birds, monkeys and vegetation. We were able to see a nice perspective of Costa Rica. We had a lovely time.
Dawn and kids

We had a great time on our trip, and loved our stay at Casa Linda! The house was beautiful, the jungle was amazing, and we were happy there. I'm glad we found you. We got to see and do a lot of great things, and show some wonderful stuff to our children. It was a great vacation. We truly enjoyed Costa Rica. Thanks for everything,
Michael – Denver, CO

We had a super time! We have been away for a whole month and stayed at many places along the way including Belize and Costa Rica......Casa Linda was the best of all. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so nice to have our own kitchen facilities and to cook our own meals. We used the BarBQ on the first night that we arrived and of course breakfast every morning. Lounging around in the hammock was great. My favorite time was waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise. Two out of the five days we got up to watch the sun rise and walked along the beach. William is a real gem. He took us on a hike to the waterfall and on another hike to show us all of the "mucho animales" was great fun to speak in Spanish to him and to try and teach him a few words in English. He is a great asset and his wife too. They do a super job of cleaning up and making sure your guests are happy. We hope to come back to Casa Linda some day and stay much longer - at least 3 weeks, maybe a month! Thanks again....we are so happy that we found your place on the website.
Peter – Quebec, Canada

I would like to say on behalf of all of us that we had a truly wonderful time at your beautiful house. It is so tastefully done: an incredible accomplishment. The beauty of the entire area was quite overwhelming. Thank you for having us.
Love, tai – Brooklyn, NY

Being at Casa Linda on our honeymoon has far exceeded our expectation of Costa Rica. Here on the Osa we saw every kind of monkey and sloth. All birds and butterflies and lizards. Awesome rain showers, mostly in the late afternoon and night. William is great. He is always happy to see you…hola! He will do his best to get bananas for you – that is if the monkeys don’t get them. In all, this is just another of God’s little corners of the world that is amazing.
Daron & Tina

Casa Linda is a wonderful way to experience Costa Rica’s rich landscape and her wonderful variety of people. William has made our stay better by ten-fold. He is a great person and a wealth of knowledge and love for his surroundings. Day hikes to waterfalls with William have been excellent, as was a horseback ride along the beaches leading to Corcovado.
Tod & Erica

What a wonderful experience, filled with adventure and visual stimulation galore. Our family truly looks forward to our next visit here at Casa Linda. Everyone (especially Lyn and Kirk) help to make this place even more magical than it already is. We have been fortunate to meet your lovely family, William, and everyone associated with this great place. Once again thanks for helping to make our visit to your beautiful home as wonderful as it was..........can't wait to see you all again.
Roger, Karen, Francesca and Josh / Sarasota, FL

We really enjoyed Casa Linda. It is really a wonderful house in a great location. Hope to be back soon.
Mario and Rhonda

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